Haku is my boyfriend

i’m always hesitant to call someone my friend too because idk i always end up being forgotten about or ditched a lot and it’s heartbreaking anymore because i feel like i’m everyone’s back burner friend. someone who is there but isn’t really important or someone who everyone talks to when they have a problem but then they’re gone when things are good again. 

i had such a good day today i haven’t had this much fun in a long time


If you like Lorna you should probably consider dressing like her, right? Well, you can get this shirt HERE!


Charles Baudelaire, Les fleurs du mal, Paris: Michel Lévy frères, 186869
Painted cuir-ciselé panel inset on upper cover based on frontispiece by Félicien Rops for Les épaves

did my first stick n poke today. gonna touch up on it but it’s not too shabby :)


this morning was pink and blue and a small man made comet flew past the moon (what is it)


going on omegle